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The Viva Florida trademarked logo is for use on official events, activities and promotional items. Activities and logo use must support the values and goals of Viva Florida.

Complete this form to request official use of the Viva Florida logo. Please provide information regarding your intended use. Logo use permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. Logo use must support the guiding principles of Viva Florida.

Incorporation of the Viva Florida logo and message of Florida's history and culture into your events and activities will contribute to the overall impact of promoting and positioning Florida as a historically significant destination.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Create quality cultural heritage events and activities that responsibly engage the public.
  2. Post events on and establish communication with the Florida Department of State.
  3. Focus on unity to build productive partnerships between local, national and international communities.
  4. Be inclusive and accessible to all.
  5. Expand Viva Florida outreach and champion the brand.
  6. Consider both niche and broad audiences of all ages.
  7. Make history and cultural heritage come alive in your area.

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